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Which My Little Pony Are You?


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Hands that Hold
{Punk!Jake English X Reader.}
    Well-toned arms led down to rough looking hands, calloused from years of fighting.(Name) knew them as something different though. Those gentle fingers that would intertwine with her own, the thumbs that would wipe away her tears, and the palms that would cup her face so that her lips may meet his.
    It didn’t matter what others saw him as, he would always be her savior.
    “Hey there sweetness, why don’t you come home with me tonight? I’ll make sure you have some fun.” Sour breath hit her face, filled her nose with the horrid scent. (Name) tried to back away, escape from the man, but he just edged on closer.
    “Aw come on baby, It’ll be fine. I swear you’ll feel good.” He tucked his hand under her chin and she drew back almost automatically. He swelled up in rage at her rejection, went to strike her down with his hand, but he didn’t.
:iconcelestialspecter:CelestialSpecter 198 25
Tattoos and Ebony [Punk!Jake x Reader]
    [Name] worked at a waitress at Sburban Lights, a well-known and tasteful restaurant.  It wasn't one of those prissy rich kinds of restaurants and she was glad for that but the manager, Tim, made it seem a lot like one. His rule was if he didn't like someone, he'd kick them out. He was a total douche at times and even worse [Name's] friend had managed to get the two of them to go on a few dates. [Name] tried so hard to hint that she didn't like him but she was stuck. Oh well....she'd get rid of him at some point. 
    Hearing the little door chime, the [h/c] haired waitress put on her signature smile, looking towards her next customer. He seemed to be her age and wore a loose tanktop, baggy shorts with a chain, and a few tattoos covered his built arms. His ebony hair was naturally spiked but a few softer wisps fell in front of his emerald green eyes. [Name] let out a little chuckle at her unique customer... and she had to admit she just loved his t
:iconar1nrain:Ar1nRain 220 66
Pillow Fight Confessions
    {Jake English X Reader}
    “Take that!” A pillow flew by, crashing into a wall and falling to the ground.
    “You almost got me, you vile fiend!” He took his weapon and hurtled it across the room, narrowly missing his companion.
    “Aw Jake! Looks like you missed!” She stuck her tongue out, giving him a very cheeky grin.
    “Well, I can assure you I won’t again! Jake English never loses a target!” He swiveled his arm back, preparing to let go when (Name) slid under and poked his stomach.
    He grinned down at her in that knowing way that made her heart feel funny and made her stomach tie in knots.
    “What are you doing down there, you silly girl? Don’t you know it’s quite traitorous to use underhanded tricks like your cuteness?”
    “Well I can’t be a traitor if I’m not on your team and…”
:iconcelestialspecter:CelestialSpecter 228 41
Mine Now
    {Punkish!Dirk X Reader.}
    “That’s what you get you nerd! I hope you go to hell!”
    “That’s right! Worthless bitch!”
    “You fucking slut!”
    (Name) was used to this, she heard it every day. Nothing new.
    That is, until she heard a new voice yell out.
    “Hey! Leave her alone!” The group of people surrounding her dispersed to show a very attractive teen with pointy shades and a black wife beater. The first thing (Name) did was walk back to get away from him. He would hit her, or call her names, or embarrass her even worse.
    He didn’t do any of those; he held his hand out for her to grab. When she hesitated, he reached for it and pulled her up to him.
    The crowd gasped and some of the girls glared at her. The boy just held on tighter and dragged her out of the hallway to a secluded area: the roof.
:iconcelestialspecter:CelestialSpecter 529 76
RS: 3 random comics by animegirl000 RS: 3 random comics :iconanimegirl000:animegirl000 1,102 95 big fat RS sketch dump by animegirl000 big fat RS sketch dump :iconanimegirl000:animegirl000 934 20


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About my OC (small info): Jessica Valentine is her real name but her super hero name is Boa like the snake. She has a snake like appearance. Her s's sound like hissing. She is in the DC universe fandom or whatever and the teen titans. She sometimes has her hair in a curly mess or straight (hair color red). Her powers contains to move like a snake, knows Japanese martial arts, and uses heat sensing like a snake. She also has the ability to use electricity and shape shift into a black boa.  Lastly she can turn into two shades of colors black and purple. Jessica is a villain but also a hero


Third POV:
Today was a nice sunny day for Jessica. The sun was shiny on her black scales since she was a coldblooded creature it warmed her up really easily. Jessie was on her way to the Titan's tower to pay the titan's a little visit inspected. She transformed into a snake slithering her way to the tower with a deviously smile on her face "Can't wait to see their faces hahaha they'll be so scared" she laughs.

Boa POV:
I see the tower and walk towards it with all my pride. As a villain I shouldn't use the front door maybe I should just use a huge electrical explosion. So a fly upwards face to face at the T shaped tower and raise my hands towards the sky causing my hands to feel a static charge. After all the electrical charge in my hand making it into a ball i throw the ball at the tower causing it the shatter the windows and break the T tower in half. 

Third POV:
As Jessica throws the electrical ball the titans tower the whole crew freaked out in shocked. The titans scrambled out like ants running for food. As they head out of the tower before it can fall on top of them Robin looks up spotting Boa in the air. "Teen Titans go!" Robin yells telling the crew to attack. Starfire throws her green discs at Boa dodging every throw. Boa throws a pure white electrical ball at Star causing her to fall in a bush. Raven and Cyborg are the next oppents. Boa fly back down and runs toward the two throw punches left and right at Raven but misses. "How bout you stop meaning a coward and fight!" 


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Cerise Valentine
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
🎈Hi my name is Cerise Valentine. I like Marvel, DC universe, Teen Titans, Regular, Homestuck and some Anime's. I have a IG @pinkstuck I draw but I'm not good only here and there. I also roleplay Canons and my OC's. I like to write fanfics sometimes. If you want my Kik,Skype, and Twitter just ask me. I would appreciate it if you called me by Male pronouns. 💕💕


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